HR Function

HR Function

Everyone had a great afternoon at AME’s annual HR event with our Guest Speaker Libby Frankish, HR Manager of Paraquad SA speaking about Wellbeing and resilience, what is it REALLY? And, how do we manage it in a cost effective manner?

It was very interesting and insightful to hear other HR leaders share their stories about how they deal with these and other issues within the workplace to keep a harmonious, motivated and of course productive team together.

Thank you to all that attended and we look forward to our next event in the New Year.

Catherine cleverly multitasking with catering and mingling

Guest speaker Libby Frankish in action!

Guest speaker Libby Frankish in action!

Rowen Gransden and Craig Homonnay

Our lovely Danella Willis with Louis Leventis

Our lovely Danella Willis with Louis Leventis

Is your Recuiter Insured?!


Know your recruiter!

We are now in the decade of virtually a paperless society with agreements and contracts emailed, signed and returned.  Unlike the days of old where it was all stored as a hard copy in the filing cabinet, it’s now scanned and saved in a hard drive or on the “cloud”.  So how much do you really know about the people you trust to recruit your team for you?  Are they even licensed to trade in “Recruitment”?  It is a legal requirement that you must hold a current ‘Licence to carry on the business of an Employment Agent’ signed by the Attorney General’s Department of SafeWork SA.

Secondly, are they insured sufficiently or even at all, to protect you, the client, from their mistakes when recruiting for you?  It is surprising in this day and age how many agencies do not hold sufficient insurances due to the high cost and the red tape involved in obtaining this.  But why should you be put at risk for their ignorance?!

Insurances should include but not be limited to:

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Recruitment Consultants.  This is designed to cover financial loss arising from a party’s reliance upon advice given or services provided by a professional recruiter.  In the event that a party suffers a loss due to an alleged negligent act or an error or omission, Professional Indemnity Insurance for recruitment agencies will respond to and pay the legal costs for any damages awarded against the service provider.

Recruitment Consultants provide placement services for businesses, either in the form of permanent employees and/or temporary staff.  This insurance covers for such instances as:

  • Failure to perform necessary background checks.
  • Placing a candidate in a position to which they are not suited or have inadequate experience
  • Passing a candidate’s CV to an existing employer or to a third party without consent.
  • Vicarious Liability arising out actions of on-hired employees

Professional Indemnity cover will provide the Recruitment Consultant with protection should such a claim be brought against them in these instances but how does this affect the clients?

Public Liability Insurance

While it is clear that Professional Indemnity Insurance is a must-have for recruiters, you may ask why public liability insurance is also a necessity?  Well it’s simply common sense and every business that generates revenue needs public liability insurance. Whether you’re a recruitment consultant or the owner of the local deli, if you deal with the general public, you need protection from anything that might happen to them while you are providing them with a service.

Public liability insurance covers you against claims of personal injury or property damage incurred by third parties, either on your premises or when you are visiting their premises in the course of normal business activities. It normally covers your business, any subsidiary companies you own and your employees, provided they are performing their normal duties at the time.  So as a client of a recruitment agency if there is no Public Liability Insurance and something happens during a site assessment then it’s YOU that has to cover this with your Insurance, and we all know what happens once you make a claim, your premiums go up!

If the recruiter or agency do not have the appropriate cover then how do you recoup your loss?  The legal system is not a justice system and who has the finances let alone the time to fight a lengthy battle through the court system.

In a nut shell, ask to see evidence they are insured and licensed regardless of how big or small the job is.  Any respected agency would be more than happy to provide these documents, a current certificate is an easy ask.  Protect yourself from their ignorance/penny pinching and know your recruiter!

CEO Boardroom Lunch – From Salisbury, to Mallala via Mardi Gras

Our Boardroom Lunch was enjoyed by all who attended. Our guest of Honour, Katrina Marton, CEO of District Council of Mallala had everyone enthralled as she recalled her life story from growing up in Salisbury to her adventures within her expanding and vast career. Invited guests included Kiki Magro, CEO, City of Walkerville, Heather Barclay, GM, City of Walkerville, Adrian Skull, CEO, City of Marion, Justin Lynch, CEO, City of Holdfast Bay and Mario Barone, CEO, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you all again soon, hopefully with the same fun, laughter and enjoyment. A huge thank you to Katrina who was very entertaining and brought a whole new meaning to growing up.

Boardroom Lunch

Katrina introduces her topic

Boardroom lunch

Intently listening to her life story

Boardroom Lunch

HR Breakfast at Chianti – “Recruiting for the right Culture” & “Introduction into Harrison Assessment Psychometric Testing”

We had a great turn out for our recent HR Breakfast which AME hosted recently at Chianti. A big thank you to all that attended and we trust you enjoyed your fresh juice, extra strong coffee and fresh scrambled eggs and bacon as much as we did. A great big thank you to the very talented Libby Frankish, HR Manager of Paraquad for leading off the Q & A with the topic of “Recruiting for the right Culture”, she had everyone engaged in the discussions.

We also had Rowen Gransden kindly join us to introduce our new in-house psychometric testing and explain about Harrison Assessments whom we use for our online testing. Everyone had a pack which contained the essentials of sample pages of reports available and of course “The Key to Your Success” our AME engraved USB keys with all the information and complete sample reports, many hours of interesting reading for all that took them away. Anyone that missed out or would like a pack feel free to contact us at AME Recruitment with your request, you won’t know what we don’t show!

We at AME Recruitment had a lovely time and enjoyed meeting and catching up with our past, present and future clients within the HR and Management sectors. We look forward to hosting another event soon with another exciting topic up for discussion.

Tina-Marie & Marietha Hammon Ed Harry Menswear

Tina-Marie from AME & Marietha Hammon, Ed Harry Menswear

Waiting for breakfast to start

What a lovely group of people

Jo Ann Tanti

Jo Ann Tanti, District Council of Mallala

Rewadee Piemyoosuk, Jane O'Sullivan

Jane O’Sullivan and Rewadee Piemyoosuk

Adam Kennedy

Adam Kennedy from AME Recruitment

Stephanie Wilhelm, Northern Freight & Robyn Richter, Lutheran Community Care

Stephanie Wilhelm, Northern Freight & Robyn Richter, Lutheran Community Care

Getting to know each other

Getting to know each other

Patiently waiting for our scrambled eggs Chianti style!

Performance Management in Family Business

Performance management can be a tough task for employers, and an even tougher task for employers in Family Business. Having the tough conversation with a staff member who is not delivering is not an easy thing and it can be even harder when the conversation has to happen between family.

Managing your own career

Local Government employees are blessed to work in an industry that actively provides opportunities for career development. However that does not mean you can leave it to the organisation to manage your career. You alone are responsible for managing your career and like anything in life, you need to work hard to get there.

Be active and take control or you may find yourself in a “comfortable” job and not in a fulfilling career.

The issue most people are faced with when thinking about career goals is how to get started? What is your dream job and how do you get there? Start by asking yourself hard hitting questions and be prepared to answer them.